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Carlo Tonti
Pak Hok Pai (English version)
Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu
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Pagine 138 in INGLESE Formato cm 16,5 x 24
Illustrazioni: numerose foto in bianco e nero
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A book dedicated to the ancient art of kung fu. The author, Carlo Tonti, is well-known exponent of this wonderful art and one of the greatest experts of the traditional Tibetan White Crane style. Now, following fifteen years' intense study of kung fu, Carlo Tonti has decided for the first time to reveal all the principles, techniques and applications of one of the most ancient and jealously guarded styles of Chinese martial arts, here in the pages of his very first book. A must for any martial arts enthusiast, this technical and essential book, complete with clear images, illustrates the various techniques in their every detail.
The greatest exponent of the Tibetan style of the White Crane Pak Hok Pai in Europe, Master Carlo Tonti studied directly under Master Cheung Kwok Wah from Hong Kong for fifteen years, and is one of the most advanced masters of kung fu in the world. He has taken part in numerous competitions and displays in the Far East, and has been chosen to star in various film-documentaries and Indonesian martial arts films. Hs teaching method is very traditional, faithful to the principles passed on to him by his Chinese master. In 1995 he set up his first school in Rimini in Italy, where he continues to teach this ancient and traditional style of kung fu. The idea for this book comes from his passion and profound love for the martial arts.
Pak Hok Pai is a traditional and one of the most ancient recognised styles of kung fu, and Master Carlo Tonti had the good fortune, strength and determination to be accepted as a closed-door student – and the first Western student – by the most important trustee of the entire system – Master Cheung Kwok Wah from Hong Kong.
Master Carlo Tonti's aim today is to teach whoever wishes to learn, in the purest style, just as he learned from his master.

ISBN: 9788890428418
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